RAISEBOR is the oldest and largest raiseboring contractor in the U.S. today, and is 100% American owned.

When founded in 1973, we had only one rig, a Robbins 41R, which provided us with raise drilling capability for 4’ and 5’ diameter raises. Since that time we have added to our fleet of raise machines one additional 41R, two Robbins 61R’s for 6’, 7’ and 8’ diameter raises, and Ingersoll Rand RBM-7-SP-LH for 9’ through 12’ diameter raises, a Robbins 83 RM with capabilities up to 20’ diameter to a depth of 2,000’ and most recently an Atlas Copco 123 RH with capabilities up to 20’ diameter to 3,000’ deep.

Over the years, we have probably drilled more dip angle raises than anyone. Dip angles of 45º are not uncommon to us. We feel the drilling procedures developed by us enable the drilling of straight holes in even the most difficult formations.

For example, we have successfully completed projects which have included: 6’ diameter raises to a total depth of 2,250 feet; 9’ diameter to 1,800 feet; 12’diameter to 1,250 feet; 16.5’ diameter to 1,540 feet; and 20’ diameter to 2,000 feet, just to mention a few. Our complete line of equipment ( including high pressure air compressors, generators, rig-up trucks, etc.) and our strong financial position which enables us to bond our work, give us the capacity to perform complete turn-key surface or underground shafts, without relying on assistance from our customers or other construction companies. Also, we specialize in providing and installing steel casing and tunnel liner. For example, we have installed casing strings as large as 110” diameter to a depth of 400’, 8' diameter to 1,300' deep,  6’ diameter to 760’, 4’ diameter to 1,400’, etc.

Safety is another great advantage. Our lost time accident rate is one of the lowest in the United States, and our efficiency speaks for itself. Raisebor’s safety process encompasses subcontractors and suppliers as well. They are held to our rigid guidelines for project safety and must participate in our safety program which also includes a comprehensive substance abuse program.

RAISEBOR will work for you wherever the job may be. We've shipped our equipment by truck and train through the United States, by barge to Alaska and by ocean freight to Central America. No job is too remote or too difficult.

If you're looking for speed, safety and efficiency, you'll find it with RAISEBOR!

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