Raisebor Celebrates 50 Years of Drilling Excellence

This year, Raisebor is marking our 50th anniversary! Half a century ago, our founding visionaries began Raisebor with the desire to redefine drilling excellence. As the oldest and largest raiseboring contractor operating in the U.S. today, Raisebor continues to stand as a leader in the drilling industry, and is 100% American-owned. Our commitment to innovation and safety is our legacy! Our journey is marked by pioneering advancements, from groundbreaking projects to revolutionary technologies, shaping the very landscape of the drilling industry.

The Journey So Far: Five Decades in the Drilling Industry

Founded in 1973, Raisebor has been at the forefront of transforming the industrial landscape. We started with a single Robbins 41R rig and have since become a leader in the drilling industry. Today, our diverse fleet includes additional 41R units, Robbins 61Rs (which cater to larger diameters), Ingersoll Rand RBM-7-SP-LH for extensive ranges, Robbins 83 RM for dimensions up to 20′ diameter and 2,000′ depth, and the latest addition, Atlas Copco 123 RH, capable of reaching up to 20′ diameter and depths of 3,000′.

The evolution of Raisebor mirrors the ever-changing drilling industry. Our founders envisioned more than just a company – they saw the potential to redefine an entire industry. 

Throughout our history, RAISEBOR has solidified our position as a premier raise bore drilling company. We specialize in handling dip angles of 45º, demonstrating our expertise in drilling procedures that enable the creation of straight holes even in the most challenging formations.

From pioneering drilling methodologies to the introduction of cutting-edge equipment, Raisebor has been at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry. We’re committed to not just keeping up but leading the charge in innovation within the drilling landscape, and our footprint can be traced on a global scale, with projects that span continents, cultures, and challenges. Our drilling expertise knows no bounds!

Reflections and Insights

The industry has seen technological shifts, and Raisebor not only weathered economic changes over the decades, but has adopted innovations and set the pace for raiseboring transformation!

Raisebor’s success isn’t just about drilling; it’s about the people. Investing in human capital isn’t just good practice; it’s a strategic imperative. Nurturing our team’s skills, fostering a collaborative culture, and recognizing the power of our team are just a few insights into Raisebor’s philosophy. These reflections and insights are not just a look back, but a look into the future, guided by the lessons of the past and the unwavering spirit of progress.

People Behind the Success

This isn’t just a celebration of 50 years; it’s a celebration of the people who made it possible. To each of the employees, partners, and clients who have been integral to our story: thank you!

Raisebor’s success is a collective effort, with many faces that have helped to shape our story. Behind each achievement, there’s a team, dedicated to excellence, with a commitment to pioneering the drilling industry.

Looking Forward: The Future of the Company and the Industry

In the decades to come, Raisebor will continue to anticipate and embrace change, ensuring a secure and groundbreaking future for both our company and the raiseboring industry.

The future is dynamic, and so is Raisebor. Market dynamics may shift, but our adaptability remains unwavering. Whether facing economic fluctuations or responding to evolving client needs, Raisebor’s future is one of agility and resilience in navigating the ever-changing landscape.

As we look forward, we anticipate transformations, from technological advancements to shifts in project scopes. Raisebor is committed to pushing the boundaries of technological advancements in drilling. From the use of artificial intelligence in decision-making processes to the development of autonomous drilling systems, our future is intertwined with cutting-edge technologies.

Safety will continue to be our focus, as we’re not just meeting industry standards; we’re setting them. From the integration of smart safety technologies to continuous improvement in safety protocols, the future will see Raisebor as a benchmark for secure drilling practices.

Looking forward, Raisebor continues to nurture a culture where every team member is an innovator. Our future is defined by a workforce that embraces change, encourages creativity, and drives the evolution of drilling practices. As we look forward, we will continue investing in creating opportunities for career progression and skill development. The future sees a Raisebor team that is not just skilled but empowered.

Biggest Lessons Learned Over the Past 50 Years

From the very foundation of Raisebor, we’ve valued hard work. From the first drilling project to the present day, every achievement, every milestone, and every success story is a testament to the relentless effort invested by the Raisebor team. The lessons we’ve learned over the years include:

Safety is Non-Negotiable

In the drilling industry, safety is a non-negotiable principle. Over the past 50 years, every drill, every project, and every innovation has been underlined with a steadfast dedication to ensuring a secure environment for our team and the communities we serve.

Raisebor’s safety clock symbolizes our unwavering commitment to a secure drilling environment. Milestones in safety, whether measured in incident-free days or the implementation of innovative safety protocols, stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the well-being of our team and the communities we serve. Safety isn’t just a priority; it’s the DNA of Raisebor. Our commitment to a safety culture goes beyond compliance.

Continuous Improvement is Key

Raisebor’s journey is characterized by a commitment to continuous improvement. Growth doesn’t happen in stagnation. Whether through the adoption of new technologies, the refinement of methodologies, or the pursuit of innovation, Raisebor has embraced the motto that improvement is a journey, not a destination.

Adapting to Change is Essential

The drilling landscape has evolved, and so has Raisebor. Over the past 50 years, we’ve learned the importance of adaptability. Embracing change, whether in technology, market dynamics, or industry trends, has been pivotal to our success. Raisebor stands as a dynamic force ready to navigate the challenges of the future.

People are the Pillars of Success

Raisebor’s achievements extend beyond the machinery and technology; they are rooted in the people who form the pillars of our success. We understand the undeniable truth that the collective effort, dedication, and passion of our team members are the driving forces behind Raisebor’s legacy.

Resilience Defines Success

Overcoming setbacks, navigating economic fluctuations, and emerging stronger from adversity are not just parts of the journey; they are important chapters in the story of Raisebor’s triumphs.

Over the past 50 years, we’ve learned that commitment to excellence is timeless. It’s not bound by eras or industry shifts. Raisebor’s legacy is a testament to this commitment.

Thank You for 50 Incredible Years

To our clients, partners, and our remarkable team, thank you for being integral to Raisebor’s success story. Your commitment to hard work, safety, innovation and community well-being have been instrumental in our achievements.

Here’s to 50 years of excellence, safety, and the exciting future that lies ahead. Cheers to the next century of pioneering drilling excellence!

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As we celebrate five decades of success in the drilling industry, we reaffirm safety as the bedrock of our operations. Our journey through the years has been marked by achievements, challenges overcome, and a steadfast dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards.

The 50-year milestone is a testament to the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and consistently providing high-quality drilling. Join us in shaping the next chapter of raiseboring excellence. For inquiries, visit our Contact Us page.