About RAISEBOR: Pioneering Raise Bore Drilling

RAISEBOR is the oldest and largest raiseboring contractor in the U.S. today. Proudly 100% American owned.

Established in 1973 with a single Robbins 41R rig, RAISEBOR has evolved into the industry’s forefront. Today, our fleet includes additional 41R units, Robbins 61Rs for larger diameters, Ingersoll Rand RBM-7-SP-LH for extensive ranges, Robbins 83 RM for dimensions up to 20′ diameter and 2,000′ depth, and the latest addition, Atlas Copco 123 RH, reaching up to 20′ diameter and depths of 3,000′.

Over the years, our raise bore drilling company has probably drilled more dip angle raises than anyone. Dip angles of 45º are not uncommon to us. Our drilling procedures enable the drilling of straight holes in even the most difficult formations.

Diverse Raise Boring Project Success

We have successfully completed raise bore drilling projects which have included: 6’ diameter raises to a total depth of 2,250 feet; 9’ diameter to 1,800 feet; 12’ diameter to 1,250 feet; 16.5’ diameter to 1,540 feet; 20’ diameter to 2,000 feet; and 26′ diameter to 1,450 feet, just to mention a few. Our complete line of equipment (including high pressure air compressors, generators, rig-up trucks, etc.) and our strong financial position enable us to bond our work, giving us the capacity to perform complete turn-key surface or underground shafts, without relying on assistance from our customers or other construction companies.

We also specialize in providing and installing steel casing and tunnel liner. For example, we have installed casing strings as large as 110” diameter to a depth of 400’, 8′ diameter to 1,300′ deep,  6’ diameter to 760’, 4’ diameter to 1,400’, etc.

Safety Excellence

Safety is another great advantage. Our lost time accident rate is one of the lowest in the United States, and our efficiency speaks for itself. RAISEBOR’s safety process encompasses subcontractors and suppliers as well. They are held to our rigid guidelines for project safety and must participate in our safety program which also includes a comprehensive substance abuse program.

The most powerful raiseboring machine in the US.
83RM Robbins drill gives us the capability to drill raises up to 20' in diameter and up to depths of 2000 feet.

Meet RAISEBOR’s Leadership

John J. Cowin

Co-President Operations

John holds a BA degree from the University of Alabama. He has over 30 years of experience in the mine construction business and is directly responsible for Operations and Production for both Cowin & Company Inc and Raisebor.

John D. Moore


John has been with Cowin & Co and Raisebor for over 30 years. He is directly responsible for oversight of Company Safety, Administration, and Risk Management.

Mick Hardwick

General Manager - Raisebor

Mick has over 40 years experience in operations, manufacturing, development and management of raiseboring in various countries. He has extensive experience in raiseboring that provides solutions for the most  difficult projects, in the most difficult locations.

Frank Stevens PE

Manager of Technical Services

Frank has a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Auburn University and a MBA from Samford University. Since 1990, Frank has worked in various capacities in the mining industry including estimating, project management and general management.  

Chris Moore PE

Project Manager/Engineer

Chris graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2012 with a B.E. in civil engineering. Upon the completion of his engineering degree, Chris joined Cowin/Raisebor and has since been extensively involved in budgeting, preliminary design, estimating, project management and construction of numerous turnkey projects. Chris has been part of the team that have drilled, concrete lined and installed hoisting and ventilation fans on shafts throughout the US.

Josh Dowd

Senior Drill Superintendent

Josh has 25 years experience in the mining industry with the past 10 years in raiseboring. Josh has experience in setting up and operating Raisebor’s fleet of rigs, both on the surface and underground, and on site management of projects.

Willie Hicks

Drill Superintendent

Willie has in excess of 30 years of experience in raiseboring. While experienced in all our fleet, Willie is currently the superintendent on our Atlas Copco 123R, primarily focusing on long, large diameter vent raises.

Walter Bosshart

Maintenance Superintendent

Walter served as a field service technician for the major raiseboring machine manufacturers and later as a senior technical advisor for these companies. During his 30 years working for these companies, Walter commissioned and serviced raiseboring machines throughout the world.

Only the Best Raiseboring

We take pride in successfully completing raise bore drilling projects of various diameters and depths, equipped with a comprehensive range of high-quality raiseboring machinery. Our financial strength enables us to handle complete turn-key projects without relying on external assistance.

Explore the RAISEBOR Advantage

RAISEBOR will work for you wherever the job may be. We’ve shipped our equipment by truck and train through the United States, by barge to Alaska and by ocean freight to Central America. No job is too remote or too difficult.

For speed, safety, and efficiency in raise bore drilling, choose RAISEBOR. We’re ready to meet your drilling project needs. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and receive cost estimates.

We would be very pleased to be added to your bidders list for any future projects that would encompass our raiseboring capabilities. We invite your inquiry and will provide cost estimates, as requested.

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